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Full-Service Collision Repairs, Frame Repairs, and Color Matching

Bring your car back to peak performance after an accident with help from the technicians at Auburn Body Shop. Based in Auburn, California, we provide expert collision and frame repairs, as well as color matching services.

Collision Repair

From minor fender benders to major collisions, our team will work with you to repair your vehicle. For serious accidents, let our team work with your insurance provider to get you back on the road. We'll determine the total cost for repairs and quickly guide you through the repair process.

Frame and Unibody

Your vehicle's frame is its most critical component — every other part of your vehicle bolts to the frame, also known as the unibody. We utilize a laser measuring system to precisely measure your vehicle's frame before and after an accident. Using this measurement in conjunction with our frame rack, we are able to pull your frame back into its original shape. In addition to frame straightening, we'll repair your vehicle's body and fenders. We'll reverse any dents, repair any damaged fiberglass, and replace broken windshields or windows.

Color Matching

By utilizing a PPG water-based system, our technicians can match your vehicle's color to its shade prior to the accident. Your car won't leave our shop until the old and new paint matches up perfectly. We offer a lifetime warranty on the paint and repairs, for as long as you own the car.

Contact us in Auburn, California, to take advantage of our collision repair services.